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I’m Gwiin Correa, owner of Memorable Moments Travel in Monrovia. I am a travel designer who specializes in group and celebratory travel, helping you create memorable moments anywhere in the world that will last a lifetime. Rather your group is 2 or 60, I craft one-of-a-kind travel itineraries as a Virtuoso travel advisor from fully vetted and researched travel suppliers. I do charge a reasonable planning fee to conduct the necessary research and find properties and/or cruises that meet your needs.

With my background and experience as a former Civil Rights practitioner, I’ve developed a listening ear, a passion for people, and a fine attention to detail. These skills, combined with my knack for planning and uniting people, made opening Memorable Moments Travel more than twelve years ago a joyous celebration of my concern for humanity and my foundational belief that travel expands our worldview and connects us with others. I love when a client comes back from a trip, and they feel changed! 

My favorite part of being a travel designer is that I love to design and handle all the options and details so that all you have to do is pack—and if you experience a hiccup during your journey? I’ve got your back. My motivation is to encourage travel by making it as easy as possible. That is why I am here to get you there.

One of my favorite travel moments happened as part of the Black Paris tour. I recall breaking bread with complete strangers as we met for breakfast in a Paris cafe, preparing to explore history on the Black Paris tour. It was people from different parts of America, different backgrounds, with a common interest—the love of history and the search for identity!

Another memorable travel moment took place in Sarajevo, Bosnia, for a “Be My Guest” experience where a local family, mother Sanela and twelve-year-old daughter Lamija, welcomed me and four of my travel companions into their home to share a meal and conversation. This small apartment was home to Sanela and her husband, daughter Lamija and her older sister, and a grandmother. Sanela prepared a traditional Bosnian meal of Spinach pie and cevapi which are small, oblong-shaped kebobs made of beef and/or lamb and served in traditional Bosnian pita, along with dolmas with small stuffed onions, potatoes, and sour cream. We had no idea of the blessing we would receive from this simple, yet unique experience. What struck us all was how very happy this family was in their small apartment without all of the space and material ‘stuff’ that we are so accustomed to. People connect over a meal; they learn about each other and from one another—people unite, and the experience is indelible.”   


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